M1816 Musket Conversion

 in .69 caliber rifled

Rare Remington conversion to Maynard tape primer



This is an excellent original M1816 musket that was converted to percussion with a Maynard tape primer lock by Remington in 1857. From what I researched, Remington made the locks and probably the new breech/bolsters and they then went to Frankfort Arsenal for the conversion work.


This one is in excellent condition with the original bright finish. The lock is beginning to get a little tarnish from handling over the years. The interior of the lock is clean and shows case colors on the parts. The primer system works fine AND it comes with an original primer tape roll! (Look at photo #4.) The walnut stock has several handling marks but no gouges, chips or cracks. The lock and barrel are dated 1858 and it has the early pattern long range rear sight. The barrel is 42" long, rifled in .69 caliber and the bore appears unfired. The tooling marks from the rifling cutter can be plainly seen. The breech plug face is bright. I have completely disassembled it and there is no rust or signs of cleaning anywhere. These guns are getting scarce in this condition. This would be a great addition to any Civil War arms collection.




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