Bethlehem Pa. Style Longrifle

 by K. Moors

in .54 with a 42" barrel




This is a very nicely done Pennsylvania style rifle. It is new, unfired and was made by Ken Moors.


The wood is a really nice piece of curly maple. The barrel is by Colerain and is 42" long with a swamped profile in .54 caliber. The lock is an Chamber's Gunmaker's kit, assembled and shaped by Ken. It sparks extremely well and the touch hole is coned from the inside so no need for that ugly stainless liner. The iron parts have all been aged and the wood has a nice aged effect as well. The brass parts are nicely engraved in Ken's style. The wood to metal fit is very tight. The rifle holds well and balances nicely in the forward hand.


Weight is 8 lbs. 12 ozs.  Pull is 14"

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