Fancy Jaeger Rifle

by Dale Myers

in .54 caliber


This is a very nice rifle made by Dale Myers. Haven't found out a lot about Dale on the internet but I did find a page with pictures of a wonderful copy of a cased rifle that was made for Ulysses S. Grant. Click here to see that one.

The rifle offered here came out of the estate of a gentleman who recently died and his widow is parting with some of his collection.

The stock is curly maple with very nice raised carving. The wrist and forearm are beautifully checkered at 10 lines per inch (3/64" apart) with silver wire dots centered in each square. (Not easy in that scale and I know took many hours.)  Very small brass tacks outline the checkered areas. The stock also has a black horn cheek inlay and nosecap. The toeplate is silver and has a horn inlay as well.

The barrel is straight octagon 18" long in .54 caliber. It sports double silver bands at both ends and decorative file work midway down. The rifling is square bottomed so is probably a Douglas or Green Mountain product. The hardware is brass that has been copied from an original jaeger rifle and has raised engraving throughout. The lock is an L&R Classic style with a roller on the frizzen toe and very well engraved.

The finer details include things like engraved silver pin escutcheons where even the ends of the pins are checkered as the center of the flowers. It has a fancy pierced two leaf rear sight, an ivory blade on the front sight and the rear sling button is a silver chrysanthemum. The forward end of the leather sling has a beautiful engraved double dragon hinge in German silver.  

I was very impressed with this gun as soon as I held it. Extremely nice solid gun overall with very good workmanship and tight inletting. The carving and engraving is well executed.  The gun balances and holds very well. Even with this short of a barrel, it shoulders very well and my eye is right in line with the sights.

To have this rifle made today would run $7000 to $8000.

Weight is 6 lbs 9 ozs. Pull is 14".



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