American Pistol Kit


Basic Pistol Kit

This kit has everything to make a very nice 18th century American style pistol.



The wood is a piece of premium figured maple, plain maple or walnut inlet for the barrel and drilled for the ramrod. The lock, trigger, trigger plate, guard, sideplate and thimbles are also inlet. Some cleanup of the inlets will be necessary. The barrel is a Rice "A" weight swamped 10" long in .50 or .54 caliber. The breech plug is installed. The dovetails are cut for the sights and tenon. It has a 1-20 twist to the rifling. The lock is a small Siler flint. The hardware is investment cast brass and sheet brass. All parts, pins and screws are included. Kits now come with a nosecap and the stock is cut for installation.

This stock is my design and feels more comfortable in the hand than any of the other kits available.


Choose your caliber and type of wood.

Percussion version is available on special order.

No other options are available.


Examine your kit carefully before you start any work on it.

Kits are non-returnable once you have started cutting!



Kits are shipping out but expect a 2-3 week delay right now.





Sorry for all the delays but I am at the mercy of the parts suppliers who are at the mercy of the foundries who are at the mercy of the metals dealers, etc., etc., etc........


I have now completed molds for running my own waxes for casting the parts that I was getting from other suppliers. Hopefully I can now have plenty of parts in stock for quicker shipping.



Contact me for the latest update on kits available.


Click here to   Email Me  or call 757-871-9424 10am - 6pm EST Mon-Sat   



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Complete kit with curly maple or walnut stock





 Complete kit with plain maple stock





Basic Pistol Kit


For those who want to pick their own hardware you can get the basic kit. Includes lock, stock and barrel, no other parts are included or inlet. Ramrod hole is drilled 5/16".

$675 basic kit 




Below is a pistol built from one of the kits.

This one is in .54 caliber and has a walnut stock stained dark.

I chose to add some engraving. You might also add some carving around the tang and lock panels. Also it looks great plain.

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