Lancaster Rife

by C.F. Noland in .45



This is a well made custom rifle by C.F. Noland. It is dated 11/79.


The stock is a piece of curly maple finished with light stain and incised carving. Lots of engraved inlays. The lock is a Russ Hamm English style. This was one of the best locks at the time this rifle was built and still are considered very well made locks. Mounts are brass. The straight G. R. Douglas barrel is 44" long and ął⁄₁₆" across the flats in .45 caliber. It has a touch hole liner installed. The North Star double triggers must be set to cock and fire. The steel parts are browned and the brass parts have a nice aged finish. The inlets are well done with no gaps between wood and metal. 


Overall a well made and beautiful gun. The gun is used but well cared for and in excellent condition.


Weight is 8 lbs.    Pull is 13˝".


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