Norinco 56 (Chinese Makarov)

in .380acp (9x18)


This pistol is in mint condition inside and out. The bluing is 100%. The bore is chrome lined for use with corrosive primers current when these guns were made. The bore is excellent. This one does not appear to have ever been issued or fired.


Not terribly much is known about these, except that they were brought in as Norinco Model 59. Not many are available, so they often command a premium over other Makarovs. Very rarely you may run across a Type 59 with an Arsenal mark (number) in a circle. Most common found are 56 and 66. These were military pistols that were remarked and packed for commercial export. To comply with U.S. import laws the safety lever on the slide was added which works as a de-cocker and hammer block. The box is included but it is worn and the styrofoam liner is missing. Comes with the holster and an extra magazine as well.


Very nicely made pistol and would make a great concealment pistol.


The pictures will tell you more.


FFL required. (not C&R eligible)



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