Lancaster Longrifle

 by M. Crockett

in .40 caliber



This is a well made custom rifle typical of an1800-1840 period working man's rifle. The vast majority of rifles of the late 18th and early 19th century were plain guns like this one. The extra cost of patchboxes, carving and engraving were just not necessary or affordable to the average man looking to feed his family, protect the farm or harvest furs for sale.


The stock is a nice piece of curly maple. It does have a scratch top to bottom on the right side of the butt. The lock is a Haddaway Germanic style. These locks competed with Siler locks during the 1970s to about 2000 and are very well made and spark nicely. Mounts are brass with a natural an aged finish. The straight barrel is 43" long and made by Douglass Barrel Co. in .40 caliber with a browned finish. The rifle is very slender and solid. The inlets are well done with no gaps between wood and metal. 


Overall a well made and beautiful gun. The gun is used but in very good condition. The rifle balances and holds very well.



Weight is 8 lbs.   Pull is 14".


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