Beautiful English Fowler

by Ed Perry

in 20 gauge


This is a very nice English fowler by Ed Perry. Most fowlers I get in are very plain. It is one of the easiest styles for beginning builders. This one is exceptional due to the details Ed has incorporated. The quality and amount of engraving along with the wrist carving adds many extra hours of work that generally is not fully appreciated by someone who has not tried to build one of these guns. Ed's many years of building shows in his wood to metal fitting, classic styling and attention to details.

The stock on this gun is a piece of walnut with nice grain and well executed wrist carving. The lock is a Chamber's round faced with a more correct frizzen spring replacement. The barrel is a 42" long Rice oct-round in 20 gauge. The brass parts have all been elegantly engraved. Overall it is very well made and the wood to metal fit is excellent.

The rifle is unfired and in like new condition. Overall a beautiful gun that holds and points very well. Should be a good shooter. This is an exceptionally fine gun for the price.

Weight is 8 lbs.  Pull is 14".


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