Plains Rifle in the White

Original 1860s barrel rebored and rifled in .58 caliber




This is a very nice fullstock Plains style rifle complete and ready to finish.


This new rifle is built around an original 1860s barrel that has been bored out and rifled to .58 caliber by Bob Hoyt. The barrel is 39" long and 1" across the flats. It has a new breech plug installed as well as a touch hole liner. It has the original front sight and a new rear sight. The original maker's name "LACKEY & NOLEN" is stamped on the bottom. This is a wrought iron barrel and will be an excellent shooter compared to modern steel barrels.


The wood is a piece of hard curly maple with curl the full length which is hard to see in the photos but once it's stained and finished will show up nicely. The hardware is in German silver. The buttplate is off an 1870s period shotgun with most of the engraving intact. The lock is a late Ketland style by L&R. I increased the tension on the frizzen spring so it gives an excellent spark and closes tightly. The single trigger has a crisp 4 pound release and is fitted with a tension spring to lightly hold it against the sear so there is no slop or rattle.


This rifle holds well and the sights line up with the eye perfectly. This will make an excellent target or hunting rifle.



Weight is 10 lbs.   Pull is 14"



  *Sold pending funds*

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