Mountain Rifle

 in .40 caliber



This is a nice slender little rifle made by Doug Robertson from a Jim Kibler kit. It is new and unfired.


It is stocked in a nice piece of curly maple. There is a very small knot in the wood on the right side which does not detract from the looks of the gun. (see pictures) The lock is a Chamber's late Ketland. The barrel is by Kibler and is swamped 44" long and in .40 caliber. It has a touch hole liner. The slender tang is a nice touch. The triggers are double set and fire set or unset. The kit did not come with a toeplate so Doug added one to strengthen the toe area. The iron parts are all left bright with a satin finish. You could blue or brown them as desired or allow them to age naturally. The inlets are very tight with no gaps. The gun is very slender, light and balances well. Overall a nice little rifle.


Weight is 6 lbs. 12 ozs.  Pull is 13".


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