Original English Rook Rifle

in .36 caliber



This is a very nice example of an English style Rook rifle. A rook is similar to the crow in North America and hunting them was a sport as well as pest control and a food source.


This rifle is not signed but is of English origin. The English walnut stock is in very good condition with no cracks or checks and the checkering is still very crisp. The metal has light age pitting and has turned brown with use. The barrel is 35" long and is tapered with a slight flare at the muzzle. It is held by a wedge and has a hook breech for easy cleaning. It was been lined many years ago to .36 caliber and the bore is very nice. The Federal eagle stamps on the muzzle were probably applied when it was relined. According to the owner it shoots very accurately. The left side of the rib has become partially unsoldered but the right side is tight and solid. Repairable if you plan to shoot it a lot but is fine for occasional shooting. The lock is crisp and functions well. It has a new nipple installed. The rear sight has a soldered brass elevation also probably added when the barrel was lined.


Overall a well made original rifle that would make a fine light squirrel rifle (since it's hard to find any rooks in America).  



Weight is 6 lbs. 4 ozs.   Pull is 14".


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