Tenn. Mountain Rifle

by W. Trout in .36 caliber



This is a beautiful well made custom rifle influenced by an original rifle by Joseph Bogle. The stories related to this rifle suggest it was made by Joseph Bogle, Jr. who died in Blount Co., TN in 1811. The styling of the rifle dates closer to 1820s or 1830s so I doubt that Bogle, Jr. made this gun. His nephew, also named Joseph Bogle (1778-1853) is a closer match even though there is only sketchy evidence that the nephew may have been a gunsmith. To see pictures of the original rifle, click here.


The stock is a very nice piece of curly maple. The lock is a Chamber's late Ketland style. Mounts are iron with a custom made buttplate and an aged finish. The swamped custom barrel 48" long and made by Robert Hoyt in .36 caliber with a browned finish. The barrel is held by 4 keys which is a Virginia characteristic. The rifle is very slender and solid. The inlets are well done with no gaps between wood and metal. 


Overall a well made and beautiful gun. The gun is new and unfired. The rifle balances and holds very well.



Weight is 8 lbs. 3 ozs.   Pull is 14".


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