Double Flint Fowler

by Bruce LePage

with original damascus barrels in 10 gauge






This is a wonderful gun built I believe back in the early 1980's by Bruce LePage. If you talk with any gunsmith who has built a double gun like this, most will say that one was enough. They are very time consuming and difficult to get the locks and barrels inlet properly. To reuse an old set of barrels is also difficult. You have to cut the old threads off the breech, rethread, fit new plugs, make a tang to fit, rebore and refinish the barrels all while you are praying the old solder holding them together won't come loose. Just finding a good set of barrels is getting harder these days. Most are beat up and pitted beyond use. Ed Rayl can make a nice set of barrels but they won't be damascus, will cost about $1000 and take over a year to get. This is why there aren't more double flints being made.

The locks are by Cochran and come with extra main and frizzen springs. The mounts are steel with a rust blued finish. The 30" long barrels in 10 gauge are original damascus barrels that have been re-breeched and bored with a new hook tang made to fit. They still have the Birmingham proofs on the bottom. It has gold bands inlayed at the breech. The wood is a wonderful piece of English walnut with beautiful figure. The checkering is hand cut. If you have ever tried to checker a gun, you will appreciate the work involved in doing it properly. The ramrod has an original style capped worm at the bottom end. There is a silver inlay on the bottom of the stock with a monogram engraved which could be re-engraved. Overall an exceptionally nice gun for any collection or to take to the range. The gun is slightly used with minor wear to the frizzens and the bores are in excellent condition. The wood is excellent with just a few very minor dents from handling over the years. Very light and well balanced. The pictures will tell you more.

From what I have heard, Bruce LePage no longer builds guns and is strictly an engraver now.

Weight is 8 lbs. 2 oz.  Pull is 14" to front trigger.



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