Your Grandmother's Cherokee

The definitive site to learn the Cherokee language.


The Contemporary Longrifle Association


National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association


Honourable Company of Horners


Jim Chambers Flintlocks

Quality locks and gun kits


Chris Laubach Firelocks

New line of top quality locks


Stonewall Creek Outfitters

Quality gun parts, flints and more.


Track of the Wolf

Gun parts of all kinds


Tim Ridge of Swamp Fox Knives

High quality 18th and 19th century knives



David Wright-artist


Pamela & Bryant White-artists


Mike Small Powder Horns


Mark Thomas-engraver and silversmith


Ken Scott-artist and bag maker


Michael K. Walsh-tinsmith


Zettlemoyer Pottery

Up and coming redware potter


The Almost Complete List of
Muzzle Loading and Buckskinning Links



For the best historical tents


Artisan Ideas

Books and videos on all manner of crafts.