One Piece Nosecap Form


Made of heavy cast steel to last for years. Comes with clamps and pattern for the nosecap. This will make nosecaps in brass or steel to fit 13/16" to 1" barrels. Plain or grooved styles can be made in about 20-30 minutes including the file work to fit it. Instructions with step by step pictures are included.




Here are the basic steps:

 Fold the brass around the form.


Apply the clamps and tighten.

Hammer the end over the form.

Work the end to square up the radius.

Mark the end to the desired size. Squeeze or spread the cap so the template is in line with the cap's top edges. 

Carefully file to shape checking fit often. Do width, depth then the angles.

Finished and ready to install.



Scrap can be used to measure and file the template.

I have one for each size I use.