Firearm Shipping Regulations as of May, 2023



FedEx will now only ship guns to and from an FFL holder. This new policy includes pre-1898 guns classified as "antique" and muzzle loaders, new or old. As far as I can tell, they do not recognize a C&R as a legitimate license. Even though antique and muzzle loaders are exempt from current gun regulation according to the BATF, FedEx has decided on a blanket rule of no guns except through licensed FFLs will be easier for their employees and affiliated shipping centers. Due to this I have closed my account with them and will no longer ship ANY item through FedEx. 


From what I hear through the media, UPS may follow soon. This will leave only USPS which is well known for delayed deliveries as well as losing or breaking packages. They also have a max insurance limit of $5000. USPS also has so many steps in making an insurance claim that it is very difficult to get reimbursed for lost packages.


All the rules and regulations on firearms now and the rules soon to follow, makes it very hard on those of us who deal in what the BATF defines as "non-restricted antique firearms". And now black powder is in short supply and rising in price. Percussion caps are becoming almost non-existent. Smokeless powder and primer shortages/prices have not recovered from the pre-Covid scarcity and I'm sure they never will. Shooting is now a rich man's sport just like in Europe where you need several permits to be able to own, shoot or hunt with a gun and ammo can cost the equivalent of $60-$100 for 20 rounds.


This all leads me to one thought: I'm going back to playing with model trains.