Silver Mounted English Fowler

in 20 gauge


This is a highend English fowler for a gentleman of the 18th century. This one has a Colerain 38" oct-round barrel in 20 gauge. Stocked in English walnut and sterling silver mounted. The lock is polished bright and the barrel has been fire blued. The barrel has a hooked breech and silver wedges for easy removal for cleaning. The wrist is checkered with silver wire nails in each square taking a total of about 2 feet of wire. All of the silver parts were cast or fabricated in my shop. About two pounds of silver was used to make all of the parts. The muzzle end of the stock has a horn nose cap and the ramrod is tipped with horn as well. The wood was lightly stained to bring out the red hue and then a hand rubbed oil finish was applied. There is total of about 300 hours of work in this gun.


Weight is 6 lbs. Length of pull is 13".


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