Early Snaphaunce Lock



This lock is North African. Not sure of when it was made as this style of lock lasted a long time, even overlapping more modern systems. Could date anywhere from the mid 17th century to the late 18th century.  It is in very good condition. Action works well and sparks nicely. The sliding pan cover is a little loose but could be tightened up. The lock was found here in Virginia and it did have surface rust which was carefully cleaned off by the current owner.


Richard Colton, a friend who is much more knowledgeable on these locks stated:

 "That snaphaunce lock is one of the nicest North African (Morocco?) locks Iíve encountered, but a North African lock none the less. Iíve seen numbers of these, usually of inferior quality to this one, being sold online and on eBay as early European snaphaunce locks, usually for high prices."


I see no new filing of the parts or any replaced pieces to indicate restoration. I believe this lock is all original and about as nice as you can get.  




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