Virginia Style Rifle

in .45 caliber


This is a very up-scale rifle I just completed. It has a Virginia Winchester school styling. Barrel is by Colerain. It is a swamped .45 caliber octagonal and is 44" long. The stock is a nice piece of curly maple that has been aged. The lock is a L&R Durs Egg. The buttplate, guard and sideplate were cast here in my shop and are sterling silver that have been engraved and aged. The wire work is sterling silver. The overlays that appear to be brass are actually 14k gold. There are gold bands at the breech and muzzle. The touch hole, lock pan and bottom of the frizzen are lined with gold as well. The star on the cheek is made of ivory and black horn.

Weight is 7 lbs. 8 oz. Length of pull is 13".

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