Bumford Style Painted Trade Gun

circa 1750-1760

Great F&I or Rev period Indian gun!

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This trade gun is a style imported from England during the second quarter of the 18th century. It was copied from an original in the Colonial Williamsburg collection that was made by John Bumford in England who worked in The Minories, a section of London at this time period.

 Period documents describe trade guns being painted with stripes and poka-dots as well as in red, yellow and blue. The original at Colonial Williamsburg is the only surviving one that is known of with painted vines. Typical features include sheet brass buttplate nailed on and the guard is held on with two screws at the rear and the tang bolt at the front and no entry thimble.

This gun has a custom 48" octagon-round barrel in 24 gauge (.58 cal.) copied from the original gun, plain hard maple stock (beech when I can get it) and a Davis lock. The barrel and brass parts have been copied directly off the original gun.

Very nice handling and light weight gun.

Pull is 13" and weight is 6 lbs.

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 Price $3550


Stained, engraved and finished. Add $200 for the vine painting.


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This one is just stained and finished.






This is one painted as the original with the vines.






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