Bumford Style Trade Gun

circa 1750-1760

With 47" barrels in 24 gauge (.58).

These kits are only available on custom order and delays up to 6 weeks may occur.

This is a very correct kit patterned off the original gun. While working in the Colonial Williamsburg Gunshop, I had the chance to disassemble and measure the original Bumford gun. Ryan Gale's book "For Trade And Treaty" has excellent pictures and measurements of this gun. I strongly suggest it as a reference when assembling and engraving your kit.

The barrels are patterned from the original gun and made by Rice Barrel Co. The unique guard, wrist plate and buttplate were traced from the original. The sideplate was shortened slightly to fit the Chamber's Virginia lock. The stocks are beech or hard maple depending on availability. All parts needed to complete the assembly are included.

Suggested load is a .562 ball and .015 patch over 80 grains of FFG black powder.

NO other bore sizes, stock woods or left hand versions are available so please don't ask.





Solder on the tennons and front sight for you - add $50 



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