Left Hand Silver Mounted Rifle

Late Virginia Style

in .45 caliber



The rifle is stocked on a piece of very nice curly maple stain a bit dark to bring out the contrast with the silver. The wrist is checkered with silver pins and punch accents. The barrel is a 42" long swamped Colerain in .45 caliber with silver bands at each end. The lock is an L&R Durs Egg style and is lightly engraved. The mounts are sterling silver either cast or fabricated here in the shop.


Typically American rifle of this period were never mounted with sterling silver hardware. Brass, iron or German silver (white brass) was used. There is 3.5 pounds of silver in this rifle which if you Google the current silver prices you will find out why not too many people use silver today. Add in the cost of the rest of the parts and about 300 hours of work and I don't think the owner will be dragging this one through the woods much.




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