Custom Rifles 

These are guns I have made for customers over the years.

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"They have voted ten companies of riflemen to be sent from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia to join the army before Boston. These are an excellent species of light infantry. They use a peculiar kind of musket called a rifle. It has a circular pattern of grooves within the barrel, and carries a ball with great exactness to great distances. They are the most accurate marksmen in the world." John Adams 1775

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Early Reading Rifle

circa 1750-1760


Brass Barrel Rifle Bethlehem, Penn. area

circa 1760-1770


Bethlehem, Penn. area

circa 1760-1770


James River Basin area

circa 1760-1770



Faber Rifle

James River Basin rifle

circa 1760-1770


Lehigh Valley, Penn. Region

circa 1785-1795



Early Winchester, Va. School

circa 1760-1780


Winchester, Va. School

circa 1780-1800


 Sterling Silver Mounted Late Winchester, Va. School

circa 1800-1820



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