Brass barrel rifle Bethlehem, Penn.

Brass parts are made in my shop and patterned directly from the original rifle.

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This rifle is copied from the only known American rifle that has a brass barrel. The original shows very Germanic influences and may have been made in the Bethlehem, Penn. area or possibly in one of the Moravian shops in western North Carolina. When compared to the Edward Marshall rifle which is believed to have been made in the shops near Bethlehem, the locks are identical down to the engraving. Since the locks are imports, they were probably sent to the same shop in America.

The barrel for this rifle was copied directly from the original as close as possible. The original barrel had burst at some time in the past and a section of the side of it was missing. It had also been bored smooth. The gun was restored by Wallace Gusler which meant replacing the missing barrel section with old brass to match and replacing the missing sections of the forend. The new barrel was made by Ed Rayl in .50 caliber and is 46"long. The lock is by L&R and was reworked to match the original. All of the brass parts were hand made in my shop. The gun weighs 8 1/2 lbs and very well balanced .