Trade Gun Kits

This is the only place to get an English style trade gun kit.


These kits are made one at a time. All of the brass parts are cut and filed by hand for the English kits. The barrels come with the breech plug installed and have the correct period stamps consisting of 'LONDON' on the top flat and the View and Proof stamps on the breech. The stocks are shaped from just forward of the lock back to the butt. They are inlet for the barrel, lock, sideplate, buttplate and trigger. Pull is about 13".


These kits can be finished with minimal work compared to many other kits. They can be stained and a finish applied or painted and decorated as many of the originals.


Examine your kit carefully before you start any work on it.

Kits are non-returnable once you have started cutting!



Please note that the brass parts are not engraved on the kits.




Available in 20 or 24 gauge smoothbore. Barrel lengths up to 47".

NO other bore sizes, pull lengths or left hand versions are available at this time so please don't ask.



For paint and finishing supplies click here.



I have custom Rice barrels being made for me now. They are profiled on the Bumford trade gun in the Colonial Williamsburg collection.

These are 47" long with a 1" breech oct-round tapered and I can cut and re-crown to shorter lengths if desired. They are in 20 (.62) or 24 (.58) gauge. These are the only barrels I will be using now as they are more period correct than the Colerain ones I was using.


The Long Awaited

Type G Trade Gun Sights are

now back in stock!

Click here to order.


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Bumford Trade Gun circa 1750-1760



Early English Trade Gun circa 1740



Type 'G' or Carolina Trade Gun Kit circa 1760



Note: The term 'type G' is used here only because this is the style commonly given that name today. It is a term

T. M. Hamilton coined in his book "Colonial Frontier Guns" to separate the different styles of parts

and is not an 18th century designation. There are no complete guns of this type that survive today.



French Tulle Trade Gun Kit



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