These are guns I have made for other customers that can be referred

to when looking to have your own gun made.

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'Since a few days ago, an odd affair at a house near Beauford Row where the servants had been cleaning some pistols and had laid four of them charged with balls upon the table after which they snapped carelessly an empty pistol, which communicating fire to some powder that lay scattered on the table, all four pistols went off, and though there were four or five people round the table, very happily nobody received any hurt.' Aris's Birmingham Gazette, March 28th, 1745.

Cased Pistol Sets


Silver Mounted English Holster Pistols


Silver Mounted Dueling Pistols



Brass Mounted American Holster Pistols

Brass Mounted American Holster Pistols #2


Long Barreled American Pistols




English and American Holster Pistols