Barn Guns


Barn guns or Schimmel guns as they were often called in Pennsylvania, were the work horse of many farms. They were basically a very plain and cheap gun left where the farmer could have access to it quickly when pests were seen in the fields or the smokehouse needed refilling. They were usually made without a buttplate, entry ramrod pipe or sideplate and just a sheet metal trigger guard.

These can be made in any caliber and barrel length the owner wishes. They can be made in flint or percussion. A mid grade maple stock is standard but higher grades of maple, cherry, walnut or ash are available in any degree of figure desired at extra cost. Mounts can be of iron or brass. 


Base price is with mid grade curly maple stock, in flint or percussion, commercial iron or brass mounts

(trigger guard and 2 forward thimbles, no buttplate, no sideplate and no entry thimble.)

Extras could include a full sideplate, inlays, double set triggers or fancy wood.

Available with a 38", 42" or 44" swamped barrel in choice of  .40, .45, .50 or .54 caliber.



$2950 base price


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Virginia Barn Rifle

Ketland Lock and Iron Mounts circa 1770


Virginia Barn Rifle

Round Face Lock and Brass Mounts


Barn Rifle

Circa 1770-1790


Lehigh Valley, Penn. Barn Rifle

Circa 1770-1790



 Fancy Virginia Barn Rifle