Custom Rifles

These are guns I have made for customers over the years.

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"...Two brothers of the company took a piece of board five inches broad and seven inches long, with a bit of white paper about the size of a dollar, nailed in the center, and while one of them supported the board between his knees, the other, at a distance of upwards of sixty yards, and without any kind of rest, shot eight bullets through it successively, and spared a brother's thigh!"  Lancaster Pennsylvania Journal, August 23, 1775

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Late flint period

circa 1820-1830


Late Virginia Rifle

circa 1820's


Barn Guns



English Hunting Rifle

circa 1770


Fancy English Rifles



English Stalking Rifle

circa 1770



German Jaeger Rifles



Fancy German Jaeger



Christian Springs Rifle

circa 1760


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