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Please keep in mind that I work from home and do not have a storefront.


I do not ship any products outside of the U.S.


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Always looking for consignment guns!


Got a gun collecting dust in the closet?


 Now is the time to sell.

Matchlocks, wheel locks, flintlock, percussion, military or civilian weapons. Let me know what you have and I'll help you sell it.


Click here to download the consignment form and listing details.



Firearm Shipping Regulations as of May, 2023


Click here for the latest regulations as I get them.






I am informing everyone that as of July 1, 2023, I am no longer taking custom orders for guns or doing any repair work.


I am just too overwhelmed with current work and need to finish the orders on hand as quickly as possible.

I will be still be running out kits and doing consignments as usual. My goal is to get to a point where I can build what I want for a change and then sell them as they are finished. Anyone who has a gun on order or repair work, please be patient with me. Life and health have slowed me down but I am still working everyday to get caught up on the work.


Also due to the cost of processing orders, a $20 minimum order (before tax and shipping) will be required.

There is a lot of great crap on the site, shouldn't be hard to find enough.



Thanks for your understanding and may we all survive another year.









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Fowler/rifle sideplate

3" center on the bolt holes and 6" overall.

Wax cast

Will work with most of the larger locks like the Chamber's Early Ketland, Golden Age or round-faced styles.

Brass only at this time. Limited supply.






Just Listed:

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Some of the guns on hand have been reduced in price by the owners.

Better buy quickly before someone else does!





American Pistol Kit

.50 or .54 swamped 10" Rice barrels

Curly maple or walnut stock

Click here to order.


Delivery time is about 2 weeks now.




Pistol Stock Seconds

When running stocks, there are always a few that just don't make it as first quality for various reasons. They are all usable and most of the flaws will not be seen when finished. These are sold at discounted prices. Grab one quick as these generally don't last long!

Click here to see what I have.




Grumpy Gunsmith of Williamsburg



Check them out by clicking here.










The Soap Box

I will try to keep my personal views of the world confined to this space.

It will be difficult.




Diamonds may be a girl's best friend....




Thought for the week:


We're back from Carlisle and are back in the shop. The show was not as well attended as past shows and sales were not what we expected. The weather was good and the venue is open and well lit. Follow this link to pictures of this years show on Facebook.


Below is a shot of our display. Click on image to enlarge.





This is America. I should not have to "press 1 for English" much less "press 3 for Arabic"!!





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